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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  October 13, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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shuttle's slow crawl through the streets of los angeles. >> thaw they were carefully avoiding trees, street lights and buildings. last night, engineers were faced with one of their most difficult maneuvers yet. getting "endeavour" across the 405 freeway. crews spent hours, transferring the shuttle to a dolly to comply with the dpt of transportation regulation. this morning, midway through the journey, the shuttle made its first stop, at the hiss toreic forumen the city of inglewood for a special ceremony. ♪
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city officials, three astronauts who flu missions were in attendance with thousands of patriotic fans. >> "endeavour" is a national treasure. i am pleased. and the new home here in southern california. >> "endeavour's" home will be the california science center where officials hope it will inspire future generations of astronauts. stephanie stanton, nbc news, los angeles. clearly this was an instant tourist attraction in los angeles. people have found creative ways to take photos of themselves and the space shuttle. very nice. a good one. there are many more pictures on our website at nbc bay they're inside our top story. in a race for the white house -- clearing the calendar for the next three days. told to prepare for tuesday's debate. he used his address to take credit for jobs.
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>> i bet on workers and, that bet is paying off in a big way. >> mitt romney and his runningmate are both in the swing state of ohio. and romney spoke to a large crowd as you can see there and hammered the president on china, jobby yaegs and the president's proposal, to increase taxes on people who make more than $250,000 a year. >> then of course he says he is going to raise taxes, does anyone really think raising taxes on anyone helps get more people to work. >> no! >> the president's plan is status quo. more of the same. he calls it forward. i call it forewarned. >> paul ryan was also in ohio today. he told voters in that
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manufacturing state. and it cost the manufacturing jobs. commander-in-chief is getting help from the boss. bruce springsteen will be on the road this week with former president bill clinton campaigning for president obama. the two will be in parma, ohio, thursday, for a free event open to the public. president clinton is expected to speak to the crowd about the economic choice, voters face in the next month election. springsteen draws a crowd, right, there is no word on whether he will be performing during that time. it appears, tough sanctions against iran might be working. today the iranian foreign ministry said it is ready to show flexibility, talks regarding its nuclear program. iran's push to resume talks comes as western sanctions squetz the economy and the european union kidding a boycott of iranian natural gas. and school girls in afghanistan, rallied in support of a 14-year-old pakistani girl shot
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by the taliban. doctors say that that girl is able to move her hands, slightly, for the first time since the attack. she was gunned down by the taliban for supporting education for girls. nbc's correspondent has more. after that attack -- she has moved her hand and feet for the first time since the attack. we're told movements were slight. a sign of improvement. and they came as a result, and the doctor's decision to redo's the amount of medicine she was receiving. >> she is still on a ventilator. we reduced her sedation today to carry out a better clen cal assessment by the neurosurgeon. >> that have been keeping her unconscious to allow her bed to heal. they say her vitals are normal. she was shifted to the military hospital days ago because it is more secure and has a special pediatric care unit. the military has been holding
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regular briefings for the media because the interest levelen her recovery has been so high. not just national media, but international as well. well today they were able to deliver their first piece of concrete encouraging news with more they hope in the days ahead. we also have an update now on the hero dog from the philippines. take a look athe pictures. the dog lost most of her snout when she was hit by ape motorcycle. the story goes that the motorcycle was about to hit two girls and the dog jumped in the path, saving the girls, harming himself in the process. now he is at uc davis from the philippines to get surgeries to survive. >> she was able to save the life of two children. now she need our help. >> velt theirians say, she'll need multiple operations but are confident they can help. independent international donation campaign raised the
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money to send her dog and vet from the philippines. her snout will not be replaced. surgeries should allow the dog to survive and thrive. just ahead, she is 93, just got her college degree. hear why she had to wait half a century to get her diploma. "misleading." out here. it. but there's hope. straight to our schools... keeps it there. politicians. yes on thirty-eight. have you heard of the new dialing procedure for the 408 and 669 area codes? no, what is it? starting october 20, 2012, if you have a 408 or 669 number, you'll need to dial 1
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plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. o.k., but what if i have an 408 number and i'm calling a 408 number? you'll still need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out!
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when she thought she had enough to graduate from san jose state, she was told she fell one course short. by that point she had to raise her family. and she never went back to college. >> i know how much she valued education. how hard she worked. and i knew that -- she had attempted several times to -- to finish. >> that's when her youngest daughter wanted to do something for her mom. she contacted san jose state and asked for a letter, recognizing her mother's love for lifelong learning. san jose state reviewed all of her academic record. and concluded she had enough to graduate. but instead of a letter, san jose state awarded her a diploma. a bachelor's degree in home economics, back dated to august 28, 1959. >> it is just the thing -- to prove i did the -- it doesn't.
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i won't go out and get a job or try. >> i am real excited. i -- it's just -- a recognition of everything that she has worked for. and everything that she has done for us. for her family. >> while earning a diploma can mean better economic opportunity for olive, it means so much more. >> an education always puts you in good stead. my education was -- used all through the times i raised the family. hundred of people gathered in san jose to raise awareness about, potentially deadly food allergies. the food allergy network sponsored this morning's walk and run in san jose. this year's walk was -- held in memory of bjhom, a young resident who died from unknowingly eating trace amounts of pea nuts. as many as 15 million americans hatch food have food allergies which can be life threat ten ienthreatening.
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the giants are back in the bay area, back on the field. at at & t park.
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by pros. >> gorgeous. >> rather, budding winemakers with a range of back stories like danielle neumans. >> i was a career executive for about 15 years after being laid off for the second time in five years. >> reporter: like others here, neuman was summoned by the call of the soil, the vines and the grapes. she's a student in the new degree program that livermore's college turning out a whole new
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vintage of winemakers. >> working out in the elements, i mean, come on. who's going to have insomnia when you have a day job like this. right? >> weighing the fruits. hand sort it and clean it. >> reporter: a romance to the idea of working und are the open skies crafting fine wine, but in the journey from vine to bottle, instructor david everitt reveals the reality. >> i always teach them, it's impossible to make great wine out of poor fruit, but it's very, very possible to make poor wine out of grapefruit. >> we have finally got space for our eknowledge students to do eanalysis. >> reporter: the program blossom in the last eight years with its own 3.56 acre vineyard, an old science classroom is now devoted to the science of wine. >> pushing the envelope, trying to find that magic, you know, golden egg that's going to really help to bring livermore to its rightful place. >> reporter: the program draws everyone from amateurs to industry pros, like jack
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brinders brar. >> every season is unique. you can be stuck in an office our working in the vineyard or with grapes. >> everyone think, winemakers. such a glamorous -- look at us today. we're a mess. vino winemaker, you're getting down and dirty. >> reporter: the wine tradition is older than napas. the region lives in the shadow of its famous cousin but perhaps here in the hills of livermore the seeds of the next great bay area winemakers is already in the planting. for nbc bay area news. san jose's tech museum welcomed a brand new exhibit this morning. the discovery channels myth busters exhibit opened at 10:00 including several myths you can test out yourself. this is before it opened, in case you were wondering. and sat down with business and tech reporter scott mcgrew to talk about how they came up with their ideas. >> such a mix to pull from.
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we have the internet, full of misinformation all of history to pull from. myths from 400 b.c. >> can you catch the full interview coming up tomorrow morning on "press here" that's right after "meet the press." and let's check in with rob and the beautiful weather today. >> yeah. it's been a nice change. yesterday we only had highness the mid-60s. clouds never really wanted to leave. the complete opposite for you this evening as we take you outside. san francisco, of course, this time tomorrow we'll be watching the national league championship series. the game will get started at about 5:15 tomorrow evening. look at that view. you see the giants flag around. low clouds west of the golden gate see some of that spilling in later tonight into tomorrow morning. now, today's highs, pretty nice. almost, no matter where you looked, you found 70s. even san francisco. 74 in oakland. 76 called in to us by weather watcher steve there in south san jose. 72 in morgan hill. some of the warmer spots, santa rosa 77 degrees and 76 in
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livermore. most places tomorrow probably adding about five degrees to those numbers and warming up a little more for your sunday. still a pleasant evening outside, too. mid-70s around the norm bay. east bay and through the santa clara valley. wind not too strong though it's starting to pick up into oakland. you can see san jose, tranquil view around the bay area but looking stormy in the pacific. a powerful system here tapping into some cold air in the gulf of alaska. tropical moisture coming up our the south and sometimes meteorologists refer to these as atmospheric rivers. mid-river moisture speeding in up towards british columbia, western washington. diverting it away from the bay area, high pressure off to the west. the most we'll see out of this pattern the next two day, high clouds coming in from time to time, and maybe as far south as mendocino county might see a sprink's or two by tuesday and high pressure, keeping us dry for now is actually going to
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strengthen. it's going to kind of balloon across the west coast as we head towards wednesday, and that's going to lead to warming, sinking air aloft, and for our valleys, the north winds slightly offshore winds means 80s to low 90s. out towards the tri-valley and south of san jose. feeling like summer again, even on the coast with 70s and 80s and by the time we head towards next weekend, the high breaks down. seeing cooling and maybe a chance of showers by next sunday. but we'll worry about that come next weekend. overnight tonight we'll see low clouds spilling in all the way, perhapses, as far inland at the all mont pass tomorrow morning and patchy low clouds on the coast as we head towards sunday evening. tonight's temperature, 40s and 50s outside. a little cool out there around the north bay. tomorrow highs, mid-70s around san jose. 80s around morgan hill. tri-valley, low 80s. pleasanton and livermore and back into the 70s over to oakland. san francisco close to 70 and 70s and 80s out towards the
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north bay for your sunday afternoon. three-day forecast keeps things mild through at least monday. then a few high clouds at times for tuesday. then wednesday, thursday, friday, that's when temperatures gorge to throttle up. we'll see 80s and 90s inland. the coast, 70s and 80s. a lot of sunshine. alities rewind back to summer for the second half of the week. cooling towards saturday and a few pinpoint forecasts. 49ers taking on the giants, we can boo out there in candlestick, watches the new york giants coming to town. should be in the low 70s for that game and, of course, game one of the national league championship series should see upper 60s, and i think even monday could be a little warmer. so just fantastic weather for the as, showers that come through, this looks fantastic baseball weather for our giants tomorrow. and for our 49ers. >> and a nice way to show off the bay area to everybody else, too. >> very true. >> all right. thanks, rob. it a beautiful day for a road trip, wouldn't you jay that's exactly what the shuttle "endeavour" is taking right now. check out these live pictures of
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the shuttle making its way through the streets of los angeles. give or attack about two miles an hour. "endeavour" is expected to arrive at its final destination, the california science center, later on this evening. it is crawling right there. isn't it? a little large to be making its way through the streets of los angeles. so it's about a two miles per hour, we mentioned. it's a 15-mile trek from l.a.x. to the california space center, and it's going to take about two days. it's supposed to arrive late tonight, but look at this. it just stopped again. so it could take a little longer. we'll see how long it last, but it's still fun to watch. all right. still ahead, our bay area proud series. >> if this was a drug, they'd be prescribing this. >> may work as a lawyer, medicine may be his true calling. one man helping heal through music.
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anyone whose spent time in
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the hospital knows that a private room isn't all that private. a steady stream of nurse, doctors and technicians come and go often performs less than pleasant tasks, but at one san francisco hospital, one person provides welcome interruptions. nbc bay area garvin thomas with this week's "bay area proud". >> for example, the boston one that came back -- >> an attorney for mckesson, a san francisco bay pharmaceutical distribution company. >> what's happening now is a big change for hem. >> reporter: also the rebuttal witness to every lawyer joke you've heard. >> thanks. so sweet. >> reporter: because while michael spends his workweek helping his company safely get drugs to the people who need them, on the weekend, michael likes to deliver his medicine -- >> let's do a -- >> reporter: in person. ♪ ♪ headed down south to the land of the pine i'm coming my sbi the north carolina ♪
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>> reporter: every saturday michael hamilton attorney becomes michael hamilton musician. part of the hospital's music is good medicine program. ♪ hey, mama, rock me >> reporter: free, private, in-room performances for patients who think music makes the best bedside manner. >> hey, jonathan. >> reporter: michael only started playing guitar three years ago. he says he began with visions of one day performing in front of large adoring crowds. ♪ sometimes i find i get to the thinking of the past ♪ >> reporter: after his first visit to the hospital, though, michael saw how much more powerful an audience of one can be -- ♪ there is >> reporter: than an audience of 1,000. >> i have a feeling like it's going to sustain them in some way. it's going to help them through what they're going through. ♪ hallelujah hallelujah ♪
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>> reporter: peggy walker, chaplin, coordinates the program and sings harmony. >> what happens is magic, transformative. what happens is inexplicable. ♪ hallelujah >> reporter: peggy says in these rooms she's seen not only spirits rise, but vital signs improve. >> if this was a drug, they'd be prescribing this. >> reporter: the goodwill clearly flowing both ways and by the songs are done, patients are not the only ones feeling better. >> you're walking on a cloud after you do that. i mean, it's just incredible, an incredible high. this feeling that you get when you hear -- i don't get anywhere else. ♪ hallelujah again, that was garvin thomas reporting. if there's something or someone who makes you bay area proud, we want to hear about it.
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just go to bay area proud dotcom. we'll be right back with a sign that winter is right around the corner.
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the bay area may be preparing for more summerlike temperature, but in new york, people are lacing up ice skates. the ice rink opened today at rockefeller center signaling the opening of the season. activities leading up to the lighting of the rockefeller center christmas tree in late november, right near nbc, of course. the ice rink opened christmas day 1936 and attracts more than a million skaters every year. beautiful. thank you for joining us for the special edition of nbc bay area news. we have plenty more news at the top of the hour including a report from at&t park where the giant hit the field today. we'll be right back.
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